Mick Roxx

Mickey Meijer, better known as Mick Roxx, started 8 years ago with listning to, and playing with music. He is a 24 year old guy born and raised in the Netherlands. For his music he used a tape recorder and a turntable at home. Mickey grew up in Holland with a variety of different styles and types of music.

Besides his daily schoolwork, Mickey also worked at a populair jeans store where he played his own music. From there on soon came the first appearences of Mickey and that’s how his own name immediatly grew out into “Mick Roxx”. He played his music at serveral occasions like birthday parties, weddings, in clubs and at festivals in & outside the Netherlands.

Mick Roxx played especially “urban” music (RnB Hip Hop) in the beginning of his career. When he notice the audience was also open to other styles  of music, he added: Disco, Soul, Big Room, Latin and EDM-House. At this point he gained a good and steady base for the “ecletic style”, wich is very popular at the moment. He uses mixed styles wich are susprising and refreshing. Tracks form nowadays are mixed with classics from the past. Alternation is the key word in his work, at wich much attention is paid to the response of the audience: the perfect sound at the right moment.

Besides preforming in clubs, Mick Roxx also played his music at serveral local/world-wide radio stations. The combination of his ecletic mixing skills, orginality, music knowledge and diversity creates his unique style.
The experience of Mick Roxx’s music, ensures that the audience enjoyes every moment of his set.With this construction in his carreer and different experiences of styles, location and audiences, he knows exactly how to make crowd go wild!
Mick Roxx still likes to see him self growing in the upcoming years with its capabilities in the music industry.
He also has a goal where he want to play a set overnight and etertain the crowd at a sold out stage. To achive this wish he engages daily with his dreams.

Vrijdag 22:30 uur